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Snapshots of Life: Grandchildren

Snapshots of Life: Grandchildren

Life is made up of a series of moments that when run together tell the stories of our existence both individually and together. It is true that a picture is worth 1000 words. Because that picture, that one moment in time, has its own story: a piece of somebody’s life.

We all have snapshots of our life’s moments. Some are real snapshots and some are mental snapshots that live only in our memories, undocumented elsewhere. But all of these snapshots are valid and all of them are vital parts of who we are.

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This picture is the first time my mom met my daughter. Her granddaughter. Her first grandchild.

I live 3000 miles away from my family so they were not physically present during my pregnancy. Trying to coordinate the timing of my mom’s arrival to meet her new granddaughter was tricky, not least because my daughter was born two weeks late. Consequently, my daughter was two weeks old when she met her Gram.

This moment was captured, not in our home. Not in a hospital or a birthing centre. This picture was captured in an anonymous hotel lobby next to Heathrow Airport. That is where my mom met her granddaughter for the first time.

However, this moment was so important; so intertwined with love and pride. It was the moment when one generation of my family bound itself to the next generation. The setting was irrelevant. We could have been in a supermarket for all anybody cared about our location.

My mom’s first moment with her granddaughter, cuddled in her arms, is being shared in this photograph with my dad who is on the other end of the telephone. He couldn’t join my mom on her visit. His desperation to meet his first grandchild had to be soothed by my mom’s voice reassuring him that their granddaughter was perfection itself.


This first moment between two generations has, of course, been followed up by many more moments. Many of which have their own snapshots to tell the story. And when my daughter and her grandparents put all these moments together, despite the miles between them, they have forged a bond as strong as any.

These two generations have learned from each other. My daughter teaches her grandparents about what it is like to be a child in a very modern world. And her grandparents teach her about the beauty in simplicity and slower living.

My daughter rejoices in the love that my parents shower on her and they rejoice in her joie de vivre. There is nothing quite like enjoying life again through the generations that follow. Sharing love through generations: this is truly the gift of living and the gift of love.

What special connections do you share with your grandparents or do your children share with your parents? We love to know how different generations connect with each other!


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