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Happy Birthday, dear!

Happy Birthday, dear!

My darling husband,

You know how I often joke about writing a Thank You letter to your mother for, namely, deciding to give birth to you and then having raised you the way she has? Well, instead – I am writing it to you. I will, one of these days, thank her for having made you into a man who is not only a fantastic friend, husband and partner in crime but an amazing father to our children, too. Life is better with you in it, and don’t you ever forget it.

Happy birthday, my shining star – I wish life never disappoints you.

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you; a sight like no other, you were standing tall with your James Dean charm and a smile that heals. The smell of Port Douglas salty air and your perfume made me weak in the knees, straight off. No, I didn’t know then I’d be saying my “I do” to you but I knew my heart shrunk and my mouth went dry at a thought of never seeing you again. Luckily, you noticed me too and here we are today, ten years into our marriage – as happy as we can be.

If you’re wondering why the present I am giving on your birthday was set to 8PM, it’s symbolic – that was when happiness started, and I hope you’ll remember it each time you take a glimpse at it.

Do you remember our first date? You said you’d pick me up at 8PM and I paced my entire apartment at least ten times before you showed up. You were on time and I loved that – I knew then I was dealing with a person who respected my time and me as a person.

I can’t thank the Universe enough for throwing you on my path; there were times I thought I’d never find someone who’ll make me happy and keep me calm, but you did. We’ve been through thick and thin and somehow, we’ve managed to work through it. You’ve taught me to believe in myself even when I had no idea I could. Oftentimes I feel like life before you was just a test that led me to you… and I am happy I’ve been wise enough to recognize your golden heart and your brilliant mind. You, my beloved, are the most amazing person I have ever met, and I hope our sons will grow up to be the men their father is. I admire your sense of justice and your pure heart, your honesty and bravery. I love how you can make me laugh even when nothing seems to be going right that day. I admire your ambition, your dedication and the fact you’re so sweet-tempered that even the biggest of wounds heal easily with you around.

Sometimes, I look at you and the boys laugh together at some totally random stuff and my heart sings with joy and gratitude. You’ve taught me by example that being loved sincerely is the greatest gift of life and I appreciate you for doing so. Thank you for choosing me. Some may say I am being overly dramatic for thinking what I think and feeling what I feel – and I have to absolutely disagree. I am just completely and irreparably in love with my best friend, my prince, my soul mate… and I wish this to everyone. 

With so many words still unwritten, I’ll stop here. Please know that today, tomorrow and always your wife will deem you the most important, fascinating and wonderful person that she’s ever met.

Your birthday is my lucky number –

Be happy, forever.

I love you.


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